I'm selfish, not jealous ... there's a difference. What's mine's is mine's and I do mind sharing and will not hesitate to voice my opinion on the matter. When I love I love hard but once it's lost there's no requiring it back. I have little to no compassion towards people that once had ill feelings towards me mirroring the saying " once a liar always one." Despite my loving ways I trust no one but myself and prepare myself mentally and spiritually to be wronged by the ones I love just so I can know what to expect. I've said my goodbye to you the minute I've met you, so that when the time actually comes there is no bad blood or longing. I have no self doubt or insecurity, I simply have little faith in others. I strive to make the people I love happy, and often disregard my own feelings or needs. I don't need anyone but my want for love outweighs my independence. Sometimes I am beyond my years mentally and emotionally, losing friends and significant others because of this flaw. I am in the end very indeed human and very exasperating at times. I just want someone to love me. Not what I do for them, not because I'm cute or funny, but because I'm Sada, and no matter my flaws they just want a Sada. Regardless the billions of people in the world. Because that's how I appreciate the ones I give my heart to. No matter what they've been through or what we will go through, I know that there isn't another " them " in the world, encouraging me to stay and not give up. Well until they give me a reason because besides my understanding nature, I am no fool. Simply said if I love you I do, and if I stop ... too bad.